M.O.S.T. cards

M.O.S.T. - Microprocessor Operation System Technology cards are engineered and made by Cardlogix, California, USA. There are several families of cards available. Loaded with features and with low cost quality SDK they are serious contenders for almost any kind of high security applications.

Designed for High Security Identification and Multi-Functionality

  • AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, 3DES Encryption
  • SHA-1, SHA-256, HMAC Mutual Authentication/ Data Integrity
  • 8k and up to 144k Bytes User Memory
  • Global PIN with block and unblock features
  • Special transport keys for lifecycle control
  • Forensic information command
  • Cyclical, Purse and Linear Files
  • E-Purse/ E-Payment functionality
  • Extended file sizes that breaks the 32k Byte barrier set by ISO
  • T=0 or T=1 protocols

Cards come in all versions, contact, contactless, SIM, dual interface. Cards are very economically priced. Quote any project based on C series cards and rest assured that quantity pricing and vast personalization possibilities, all done in house, will bring smile to end users.

Heart of every smart card is powerful chip running Cardlogix proprietary M.O.S.T Operational System. OS is as fast, as powerful, as flexible as any other OSs in usage today. Compared to Java we find it better polished and easier to program.

Not only are cards economically priced but M.O.S.T. OS is supported by every programmer's dream software tools. Find Smart Toolz here and start development today. 

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CLXSU256KC7/AED C7-32k
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CLXSU256KC8 C8-32k
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CLXSU640KC7/AED C7-80k
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CLXSU115KC7/AED C7-144k
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