Smart Cards

Chip cards, also known as smart cards are miniature computers built for special applications.

The chip securely stores various data and can perform different applications. It is so small it can be placed into the credit card sized PVC form. The smart cards we sell are true, high performance, microprocessor based cards ready for small applications or whole projects. Smart chip cards can have:
  • visible chip contacts
  • antenna built into the body of the card so interaction with chip is contactless (RFID)
  • dual technology, both contact and contactless


Chip cards available here could be divided into 3 major groups:
  1. JAVA cards, family of cards based on NXP JCOP JAVA OS, 5 models, contact and contactless, chips made by NXP, Germany
  2. Basic Cards, family of cards based on Basic Card OS, many models, contact and contactless. Entirely made by Zeit Control, Germany
  3. Cardlogix microprocessor smart cards with M.O.S.T. OS built-in
  4. Mifare card, group of low cost RFID only based cards, contactless only, chips made by NXP, Germany. Ask for a quote
Be aware: no refunds or exchanges for smart chip cards! Buy one or few and verify your application before committing to larger quantities. While some applications are very simple and could be done with almost any type of smart cards we recommend careful selection before starting a major project. If unsure, ask. We carry suitable SDK packages for every smart card group and have many choices in regards to the smart card readers.
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Mifare 1k Mifare 1k
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DESFire EV2 2k DESFire EV2 2k
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DESFire EV2 8k DESFire EV2 8k
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J2A081 - M J2A081 - M
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J3A081 -DI - M J3A081 - DI - M
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J3R150-DI J3R150-DI
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