Smart Card Terminals

Smart Card Terminals

Smart card terminals shown here are small, hard to find but totally amazing devices!

First something has to be clear. Smart card readers found on other pages do read and write smart cards, however they just perform instructions sent by computer. They are not standalone devices.

Terminals shown on this page are actually complete computers! Program running inside can take and process 2 smart cards at the same time opening doors to new, practical applications. No external PC or device is needed. Encryption and decryption are done using small but powerful microprocessor. Battery powered means they can be used anywhere, at any time. 2 x AAA means batteries are common and can be easily obtained everywhere. Very practical, simple but powerful applications are possible using these terminals. Eg. off line payment at remote location ... beach rentals, tourist attraction, ID, driver's license check ... anything goes. 

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  • ACR88U-CL1
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    ACR88 handheld smart card terminal kit

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    iHC600 dual slot smart card terminal

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    iHC200 dual slot smart card terminal

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    iHC400 dual smart card terminal

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