Smart Card Applications

Smart Card Applications

Need an amazing smart card system? Have a great idea for a smart card system but don't know how to make it to life?

Payments, student ID, health card, bus ticketing, smart driver's license, insurance card, national ID or something else? It may cost tens of thousands of dollars to engage programmers specialized in smart cards and smart cards systems.

What if there was a software that anybody could use, easy, fast, point and click, practical, quick to test and you could do everything yourself? In 10 minutes or less.

We know exactly how you feel! We are in the smart card business for about 20 years now. And yes, we do have a perfect solution for you.

It is unique a smart card creator software kit. Called a SmartCardSDK and is readily available on this page in 4 versions. Using leading-edge smart cards and readers create your smart cards in minutes:

Smart Card SDK - Smart Card Creator

There are 2 versions of the software, basic and ID enhanced and 4 versions of the kit in relation to the hardware that is packed up in the box. The result is always the same, smart card written and read in minutes, not months.

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SmartCardSDK main screen

SmartCardSDK main users screen ready for action.

SmartCardSDK settings screen

Admin accessable Settings screen where all magic is done. Everybody can do it!